Marlin Commands per Second and how to view?

Hello! So, I have an Ender 3 Pro running Marlin with a 5W laser attached. It’s been doing well for a while, but now after going to Lightburn, it occasionally seems to shift and skew during the print. I believe I’ve tracked the issue down to the number of commands per second as per the forums and online searches, however finding exactly how many commands per second my setup can process and seeing how many I’m sending from Lightburn is proving difficult.

Does anyone know the max commands per second a setup like mine can process?
And is there any way within the software I can see the highest number of commands per line during setup?

Also, any tips on lowering the commands per second (aside from lower speeds) would be greatly appreciated!

I think I recall someone using synchronous transfer mode to remedy dropouts on a Marlin setup. I suspect you could also reduce the transmission rate but uncertain.

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