Marlin Gcode Questions

Loving Lightburn so far for the evaluation period. I am using it with my Cr-10 and the Laser attachment.

Is there a way to set the laser power value to 10% or so rather than 0% when it is traveling so the fan on the engraver always stays on?

I can do it by manually editing the Gcode, but that’s a little inefficient.

Also, is there a way to have the laser travel more efficiently?


That would burn as it was traveling, which would be bad. Is the fan powered by the laser PWM signal?

I suppose that would depend a lot on what you mean. LightBurn already attempts to minimize travel moves, but it also optimizes for “normal” lasers, where traversals over whitespace are not terribly expensive. If your machine is slow, you likely want to enable “Flood-Fill” in the fill settings, and set “Fill shapes individually”. These options will make a CO2 laser take significantly more time which is why they’re not used by default.

The fan is powered by the PWM signal. Its a single 12v line powering the whole unit. I linked below what I’m using.

I’ve ran it at 10% manually through the terminal and it doesn’t mark at that power when not moving. Travels over whitespace are moving at 40mm/s.

It’s not terribly slow, but when watching the preview it seemed like there could have been less travels over whitespace. I’ll play with those options and see how it goes.

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