Marlin issue with my Laser Engraver

Every GCode I export has issues with my printer. I need to edit every gcode file manually as:

Commands are like:
G0X75.48 Y13.699 F0

But my machine wants a SPACE between G0 / G1 Commands like:
G0 X75.48 Y13.699 F0
G1 X17.9

If the space is missing, the machine doesnt move at all, as it seams to ignore the command. Its a very small change, I was hoping that there is somewhere a setting but cannot find it at all.

How can I fix that?

What kind of controller are you using? The GCode specification dictates that spaces are optional, so we omit them to save bandwidth and file size. There is currently no way in LightBurn to have them included.

Marlin: Linear Move | Marlin Firmware
Where nowhere is documented that the space is optional.

Unfortunatly a nogo for me then for the software right now.

GCode is not Marlin specific, it is a standard motion control format. Marlin does not require spaces - we have quite a few users with Marlin based lasers who’ve never mentioned an issue. This is why I asked which controller you are using - they likely made their own offshoot of it and broke it.

I use Creality CR-10S Printer, where I can attach a lasercutter on it. Standard Firmware. Dont know that controller, as it is integrated within the printer.

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