Marlin M10 and M11 support

Marlin buxfix-2.0.x now supports M10 and M11 air evacuation control, If you add M10 to your startup gcode it turns on a blower motor using any Arduino relay module. M11 stops the blower.

Not M7 / M8 / M9?

GRBL and Smoothieware use the ‘flood coolant’ commands to control air assist, so that’s what LightBurn’s Marlin output is currently configured for as well.

Yes, that’s already available in Marlin. M10&11 is not air assist, it controls a vacuum or blower/exhaust fan.

Ahhh, understood - I mis-interpreted “air evacuation”, partly because I saw “blower” and my brain shut off after that. :slight_smile:

Yes, I can see the association. Marlin also has a new feature that controls a water chiller. with M143,M193. Oh, and it also has a flowmeter monitoring and safety feature now.

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