Master 2 pro cutting

Can the master 2 pro cut 3mm decent or is it the same as the master 2?

what material? at which speed and power?

I’ve had great results with with my Ortur Laser Master 2 PRO S2 with 3mm Baltic Birch Sp120@50% 2 pass, 3mm MDF Sp100@50% 3 pass and White 3mm MDF Sp100@50% 4 pass. Maybe you can relate my setting to the older Ortur to answer your question. Some users will run the laser at 100% and speed the cutting process up with a one pas cut but diode lasers don’t last forever. Rated at 10000 hrs @ 50%. LaLaserguy on Youtube has downloadable settings info for the Ortur by wattage for various material. Check him out and grab the link to his website.

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