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Hallo zusammen, kann mir jemand ein Material empfehlen das nach dem schneiden keine Russbildung an den Schnittkanten bildet
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It’s probably more of a laser specific question.
To avoid burn marks and the like, a powerful enough laser and compressed air are required. I have both, but use additional tape for very sensitive tasks.
The only material I believe is not affected by smoke or burn marks is foam, up to a certain thickness.

Guten Tag danke für ihre Antwort, ich besitze einen Atomstack A20 Pro mit Druckluft, ich mache Puzzle aus Karton 3mm und Speerholz 3mm, die Schnittkanten haben immer Russige Kanten man bekommt schwarze Finger beim zusammenstellen, deshalb muss jede Kante mit einem feuchten Tuch gereinigt werden und das ist sehr aufwendig, deshalb bin ich auf der suche nach einem geeigneten Material. Müsste ich da etwa auf einen CO2 Laser ausweichen das das Problem gelöst wäre ?

sorry for the late reply.
I started my laser adventure with a 5.5 W diode laser and used it to learn the technique and LightBurn. But anything above 2mm is no pleasure to cut with this machine, not least plywood. On the other hand, it is great for engraving.
As no. 2, I bought a K40 co2 laser, quite good for the money after some modifications. A 40 Watt co2 laser can cut well in many materials and significantly thicker materials and with a little practice and experience also without too many burn marks.
Because I got a lot of orders and I needed a large work surface, I bought a 60Watt OMT co2 laser, which I am very satisfied with.
For puzzles I use 3 to 6 mm plywood. With poplar plywood and solid wood, there is no finishing of edges. With aero plywood, there is also no finishing up to 4-5 mm. But with normal BB plywood, from 3mm upwards, a little finishing work is often necessary, but it varies a lot, depending on which glue is in the boards.

I cannot comment on the new diode lasers, there are far too many different and often not honest descriptions about them.
As a starting point, you need the highest possible speed to cut cleanly, several rounds often spoil the result, therefore my recommendation is quite clear, if you have to cut materials, then it is a co2 laser for the task.

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