Material Height not in Cut window

I’m using a K40 with a new LO Z Bed, running Smoothieware Cluster firmware on a C3D-Mini with LB 0.9.20. Documentation talks about setting Material Height in the Cuts window. Relative Z Mode is not set but there is no Material box. Material height gets set correctly if I select Assign to Layer in my Material Library. What am I missing? Also it isn’t clear what direction is set for the Z Offset and Z Step boxes. Does a positive number raise or lower the bed?

What do you have set for ‘Z Axis Control’ in the ‘Device Settings’ for this device profile? You need to turn ON (green) the ‘Enable Z axis’ first. You will then see the ‘Material’ setting show as you want.

And reviewing the provided documentation reveals the following:

Z Offset

If you have Z moves enabled, and your controller supports it, the Z Offset setting can be used to move the laser head closer to the material (inward) or farther away from it (outward). Focusing deeper into the material can sometimes help to cut thicker material, and lifting the laser away from the material can produce a thicker line. Line Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

“Enable Z Axis is set” that’s the problem! I have turned it off, exited LB then restarted LB, set Z Enable, checked “Material”, not there. Exit LB, restart LB, check “Material”, still not there. However Z moves to correct height when “Apply to Layer” is ticked in the Library window.

My other question about Z-Offset was it isn’t clear whether a positive Z-Offset moves the head closer to or farther away, or in my case moves the table up or down.

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