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I use the same 8-10 layers for all my work, to which I have have linked my custom materials. However, they constantly un-link on their own, which is very problematic if I’ve since updated the material settings. Is there a fix for this, or something I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Edit. I use a single library.

I believe that materials library are linked via the device that’s configured.


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Thank you, although admittedly I’m a bit confused. I only use one PC connected to a single laser (omtech). Are you suggesting that my laser is unlinking them?

I’m thinking some kind of misunderstanding on how you are associating them to your different projects…

If you change to a customers library using the same device, you are changing how it’s linked in the devices.

It’s easy to forget to change the library after a job or a change in customer… It’s cheap to make a device for each customer, even if it’s the same machine… the library will be associated to that device…

Multiple devices… multiple libraries… That’s how I do it with different lenses with the fiber…


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To clarify, I only use one library.

There is no library when Lightburn is invoked?

Even after opening the library, when you close and invoke it again, there is no library?

I’m trying to understand how you mean unlinked


In LightBurn, I always use the same handful of layers, which are exclusively linked to presets in my saved library. It’s my only library, which is always active. For unknown reasons, the links between layers and my presets often break (meaning they become unlinked). This can occur when I’m creating a new project, or even when reloading an old project.


Layer 1 is linked to my custom 1/4" baltic birch preset. Randomly over time, the layer and preset become unlinked.

No library is being changed, the PC and laser are always the same, etc.

I know of no way to link a layer to a library entry…

When you have a selected layer then go to the library, it copies the library values to your layer. The library isn’t changed, your current layer is changed.

If you are talking about layer defaults…


There’s a button labelled “link” in the library panel, which links the selected material preset to the selected layer. The layer then becomes uneditable, as it’s properties are linked to the material preset in the library.

The link is disappearing or the data is different?

I apologize… I had forgotten about that :frowning:


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All good!

The link is randomly disappearing (breaking, unlinking, etc). :frowning:

Maybe @JohnJohn can advise on what would be a good procedure to isolate what the issue is…

Are you linking and saving that layer as a default?

If you can duplicate it, you may need to send it to support…


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Are you using Cloud Storage, a folder shared across your home network, or an external drive for your Project files or for your Material Library?

Several Cloud/shared/external storage products are believed to have contributed to lost files and lost parts of files.

The Sync behavior for these types of storage devices could break live links.

That’s where I’d look first.

The second place I would look is the antivirus, malware and firewall systems to see if they are working, scanning or gluttonous with resources.


I am indeed using the cloud for my files and library. That’s probably the culprit!

Odd that the link only breaks on occasional layers, rather than all of them, but I do think you’re on to something. :ok_hand:

Edit. Not using an anti-virus other than windows defender, but I’ll try setting exceptions to see if that helps.

Thanks guys!

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