Material Test generator grid

  1. I set up a grid for power and speed test on 3 mm ply for a Monport 40W . The burn on the material test is more intense than the burn on a sample using using a selected power and speed setting from the test. For example, if the material test suggested that the power and speed setting should be 100 and 25 for a cut or engrave, the burn on a sample would be a lot less that the material test suggested, Laser is focused, bed is level no warp in material and settings are the same (as far as I can tell). The material test burns are consistently more aggressive than what I get on a sample using a selected combination of power and speed settings. I guess I don’t understand the material test. I have read the doc and watched the video, I’m not sure what is going on here.
  2. The grid boxes often vary in width going from programed sized to smaller as speed changes. the height all seem to be the same. Again, I’m not sure what’s going on here.
    Thanks for your input.

Units matter!

Some folks have a unit mismatch, where LightBurn is set for mm/min and they’re thinking mm/s (or the reverse or inch instead of mm. As a result, “speed 25” on the material test doesn’t match “speed 25” on a layer, because the units are different.

Check Edit → Settings → Display & Units to make sure the distance and speed units match both your expectations and whatever appeared on the Material Test.

If that’s not it, then screenshots of the layer settings and pix of the results will help pin it down.

That’s mechanical backlash in the X axis drive train, either a loose setscrew in the motor pulley or a slightly slack belt attachment.

Although this guide is for Sculpfun lasers, you’ll recognize most of the components:

Reading through that and verifying all the mechanical bits will get your laser tuned up.

OK thanks, I will check these things.
Thanks for the info.

My units were correct.
The X axis belt was a little looser than the Y axis belt. I tightened it, but I’m not sure what tight enough is vs over tight.
I think I also have an issue with the flexibility of the hose for my air assist. It seems to have gotten stiffer over time. So I need to replace the air hose.

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