Material Test- How does it calculate power?

Thank you for the update and the new Material Test. Will be very helpful.

For power, if I say Count 10, Min:10, Max:100, does it go 10%, 20%, 30% and so on to 100%? Or is it 10% of the Power setting under the “Edit Material Setting” window, lets say it was 80%? In which case it would be 80 x 10% = 8% ?

The test I ran last night, painted tile, the letters looked good, all of the squares, (10x10) grid, were pretty much burned off and looked the same. Version 1.1.01, Windows

Just trying to figure out what went wrong.

Thank you. JohnnyF

In the experiments I have done, max power in the material test is the max allowable effect. What we say is that 60%, for example, is divided into 100. But these settings are made in the material test itself and not in layer properties.

If you can capture the G-code that was sent to your engraver, you or I could look at the S numbers in the string of information and see what power levels were commanded. I’ve done a little bit of tile but no image processing yet.

There isn’t much intermediate grey available in painted tile and that’s why image processing is done with dithering all black dots in whitespace.

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