Material test letters are scribbled

I’ve done a bunch of material tests on a handful of different materials. I just did one this morning on black slate (I’ve done blue/green). Rather than the regular back and forth motion, the laser head seems to try draw the line directly. The whole machine shakes like hell while it’s doing the text. All of my settings are the same. I even did restore defaults in text settings. Even at just 2000 mm/m, it goes nuts. It returns back to normal when doing the test squares. I just tried a third time, and back to the blue slate I’ve already done, and still the same thing. Settings are on line, not offset fill or anything. Anyone else experience this?

Atomstack a20 pro.

In the material test generator, go to edit text settings and change from line to fill. Not offset fill, just fill. With it on line it is engraving the text by following the outline rather than scanning side to side.

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That did it! Thank you so much. I was wondering that, but I didn’t change my settings, so I’m confused why it just started doing it.

Why it would have changed :man_shrugging: maybe in an update.

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