Material test - No difference in the squares all the same

Just tried the material test option set it for speed and power. I have an 80 watt machine. When I run the test everything is done at the same setting and it does not change the lasering for each box to do different speeds or different powers. I though it was a simple tool. I’m missing something Here is how the test came out. I appreciate any help.

I’m not sure, but the line interval here appears very low…

I can’t enter anything that small for my co2, I can with the fiber… It’s still pretty small for a fiber…

Most co2 laser beams are about 0.10mm in diameter at proper focus, without special lenses. It would be passing back and forth overlapping the same area multiple times for that small of an interval…

Can you confirm the machine you’re using…


I can manually do squares and set parameters and it works fine. The whole purpose of the Material test option is not to have to build individual squares and it does it all by it self. Machine is fine works great the material test function in lightburn is not working.

Can you clarify the li that is set and what the machine is?

I use this all the time, both with my fiber, co2 and led lasers. Both with the release and beta products… I’ve no issues…


If the material you’re using is “easily lasered”, it may be overexposed even with the fastest scan and lowest power. If that’s the case, you won’t see any difference in any of the squares.

What is that stuff?

Its powder coated aluminum. I have been manually using speed 80 for speed power at 90% to get a nice clean removal. So I would expect that the lower power boxes with high speed should still be black.

If I’m reading the Interval correctly, it’s 0.004 inch, while everything else is in millimeters.

This suggests a units mismatch.

Perhaps you’ve been using 80 inches/sec and have inadvertently switched to m/sec, so it’s now running at 80 mm/s, which will overexpose the burn by a factor of 25.4.

Check the settings in Edit → Settings → Display & Units to be sure what you see means what you think it does.

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