Material test uses way to much power


i’m running a mini gerbil v2 board in an K40 Laser.
If i do a material test the text is burnt trough my material. i am guessing, this is because it uses 100% power even though, i adusted the material and text settings.

Please help!

Best regards

The materials test has a layer setting for the text information… so you can slow it or lower it’s power…


You man the text settings? I already adjusted that. But it does not change anything.

Anyone has a clue?

Providing more information will help us help you.

“I already adjusted that” does not provide any information. What was it set to? What did you change? What are the new values?

A screenshot of the Material Test setup would be informative, as would a photo of the resulting burnt material.

Including a text file with the GRBL configuration parameters will help reveal a misconfiguration.

Perhaps the laser is set to Constant Power Mode?

Without definite information from you, most of our clues will be wrong and few people are willing to play guessing games.

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