Material Test window under laser tools

To: OZ, Rick and all the techs.

You may have already been asked these questions. And I am sorry if I am in the wrong topic section.

Is it possible to add the following features on the Material Test window:

  1. Add a “Home” button. When I am trying to line up the material I want to run a test on I have to back out of the Material Test window, home out the laser then go back into the Material Test again, while hoping I have lined everything up correctly. It would be nice to stay in the window and just make adjustments as needed without having to back out.

  2. Is it possible to add a “Set as Default” button to the preset dropdown list. This way
    you can create your own default and change the default when you change material to be tested.

  3. Allow the ability to create a label for the Material Test. For example: I have different cards of material I test with many different values.

I realize that what I am asking is perhaps a pain to create, or that they don’t make much sense, but, I thought I would ask anyway.

BTW Love the software keep up the great work you do!!!




Interesting suggestions, so thank you for these. We offer a dedicated site for posting, up-voting and tracking suggestions, linked in the upper right of the forum. This allows us to see what folks are requesting in a single location, allows others to up-vote your idea, track interest, then notify folks when the feature or suggested adjustment development status changes. This really helps us with prioritization of ongoing efforts. :slight_smile:

If willing, post there and provide a link to this new suggestion in a reply here, so others can find. :slight_smile:

You are welcome and thank you for the support and kind words.

Thanks Rick Will do!

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