Materials library lost on crash - editing an old file

Noted someone had an issue where they lost the whole file during a save and yes it would be good if it backed up first.
However I used an old lightburn clb from a previous Emblaser. Using Notepad++ I realised it was XML so I did a find and replace on all the max power to drop to 80 instead of 100 and also changed all the locked materials so I can edit the whole library.

Thought it was worth sharing.

My suggestion is for a node cut so I can change a cut to part of a circle that needs just a line rather than going back to the drawing program and segmenting it.


@jkennar - in the latest release we added automatic backup for application preferences and machine settings but haven’t given the same treatment to the library as of yet. Should be easy enough and I’ll look into creating a backup before any library file is changed.

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I have no idea what this means. Can you say that a different way?

On reflection I mean’t - as well as circle, could you include an arc, say defined by centre, radius and arc angle.

Do you actually want to draw an arc, alone by itself, or do you want to round the corner of something? If it’s the latter, the Rounded Corner tool will do that, with a definable radius. If you actually just want an arc, yes, it would be possible to do that, but we’d have to add the guts to make it work.

thanks - more create an arc separately. No problems. Happy with the response

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