Max Cutting Speed on Boss 150w 2436

I’m trying to cut paper on my Boss with a Ruida controller, and it doesn’t matter how fast I set the speed on the cut, it is still crawling at around 20-30 mm/sec. I have a 150w machine, so I’d like to go faster and use more than 20% power so I can get the jobs done quicker.

Is there a setting I can change to make sure that cut lines can move faster?



And I just found it… Apparently I had Dot Mode turned on for my cuts, so they were going much slower.

The latest versions of LightBurn have a “reset to default” button in the cut settings window that will clear all settings for a cut layer, in case something is acting funny. Dot mode does a move / stop / fire / repeat, so it’s really slow and shudders like crazy. I wrote perforation mode just so I could do paper creases without having to use dot mode. :slight_smile:

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