Max power vs min power settings

still learning. ruida controller.
can someone explain the correlation between these two settings?
the effect that they have during cutting?
offer suggestions as to where to find such info?

Min Power can be thought of as “cornering power” - it’s what the controller uses when it’s running at or below a speed threshold called “Start Speed” in the controller itself (you can change this in the machine settings, and it’s usually 10mm/sec).

Basically the controller uses Min Power when it’s running slow, then when you pass the ‘Start Speed’ and ramp up to your chosen speed value, it ramps the power up from Min to Max at the same time.

Normally you set Min to just above the firing threshold of the laser tube if you’re doing surface marking (vector engraving along the lines, instead of a fill). You’d set it to the same as Max power if you’re doing slow cutting, or fills.

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