Max speed XY (Lightburn software)

The scanning speed depends on the quality of the scanning module. The quality of the NEJE mini-module is only about 50g, which can provide the fastest speed.

Just so, the speed is stored in the GRBL and LightBurn can move only as fast as it is stored in the GRBL!
Apart from that, 66 mm / sec. would be damn fast!
So either something is set wrong or not right.
Does it make sense to move with 66 mm/min?
At least something can not really be lasered at this speed.
How about posting his GRBL settings because such questions can never be answered correctly if more information is missing!

Even though your information indicates a Ruida controller, your question is about grbl which is not what the Ruida ‘speaks’…

Mine, co2, is belt driven and I’ve had it to 1650mm/s… If you are driving a ‘screw’ drive, they don’t move as quickly…

No matter what type of controller, go to “Edit → Machine Settings” and ‘save’ a copy of your current ‘stock’ configuration.

Did you go though the Lightburn grbl setup?

This may help you with your setup.

How is ‘quality’ and weight related? Unless you mean less mass…?

They would more than likely be wrong. All of these machines vary, even within the same manufacturer and they would be guideline.

Clarify what you have and are doing… Some people here have led lasers on with a Ruida controller… do you?

No matter what controller you have… the data can be loaded and saved via file system, read and write to/from the controller and modified from

“Edit → Machine Settings”

Don’t forget to save the original settings.

Good luck



Thankyou so much for your help jkwilborn

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