Maximizing Resolution for Acrylic in Lightburn - Thunder Laser Nova 24 (60W)

Any Thunderlaser users out there? I’ve used both the 2.5" and HR lens to get good, but not great resolution results. My customer is asking for me to replicate the small fonts and detail similar to those found in a small acrylic keytag they provided (silver/rounded rectangle in photos). Unfortunately, we don’t know the laser this was produced on, but attached are some photos of my material test files compared to the customer’s key tag and you can see the resolution of the key tag is about 2X what I can produce.

I’ve adjusted material permeation settings from 10-100 power, 100-1000 speed, from 300 - 1000 LPI, with focus lens adjustment (out of focus) of 0.4-2mm, using both the 2.5" lens & HR lens.

450 speed, 17 power at 500 LPI with 1.4mm out of focus, air assist off - is about as detailed/tight as I can get (see photos).

Is my Nova 24 not able to reach the level of detail to the customer’s sample - or perhaps I’ve missed another setting variable?20210131_153324 20210131_153346 20210201_101726

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