Maximum y axis of 1060 RECI W2 100W CO2

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2022 Reci W2 100w Co2 1060 Laser Engraving Machine Dsp Control Ruida 6445g Laser Cutting Engraver Yaxis Pass Through 2 Platforms - Wood Router - AliExpress

I want to buy this laser and I am curious if I’d be able to reach the maximum of 600mm on Y axis. I have parts like 300x300 and I’d like to cut 6 of them at once. Would I be able to? If not, can I expand y axis with like a bit?

Any other information about the machine is appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance!

The controller has a maximum limit for travel along each axis from the Home position. You might be able to increase the travel by a few millimeters by slightly moving the switch positions and increasing the controller settings.

However, in my 60 W OMTech:

The Y axis Home switch sits against a metal bulkhead and can’t be moved farther back. It might be possible to relocate the switch elsewhere to sense a different part of the gantry, at the cost of considerable metalwork in cramped quarters.

The maximum 500 mm travel from that switch puts the beam a few millimeters beyond the platform opening, so the laser would not cut properly along that edge.

If you must exactly along the outer margins of the advertised travel, then you will be disappointed.

This thing looks like it’s a meter wide in the X axes and 600mm in the Y axes…

300x300 shouldn’t be an issue. If you want to put some diy to it you can get a bit more out of it.

Mine is a 5030, like @ednisley I think, but I have a different head on mine that allows either my X or Y axes to add approximately 40mm. I have to chose which axes I want longer… mine is currently something like 508mmx342mm…

The black line is my inside area and the red outlines where the head can move. The circles are the screws that raise and lower the bed… if I remember correctly, the back has less room, than the front… can’t remember why offhand…


You can see how the head can fit in around the screws…

I think it looks plenty big comparing the size of the console with the rest of the machine.

I do 12" (304mm) square tiles on mine frequently, lase off the back of a mirror tile and painted…

Good luck


Thank you Jack!

I know that I won’t have a problem cutting single 300x300 but I want to put 6 of them so it comes to 900x600. That’s why I have concerns.

You can get right on the limit if you think about how things work. On one axes you have a meter of space, on the other 600mm … if it’s actually 600mm that’s great and is more than likely what you have.

If you are running an image where the scan is left to right (X axes) over-scan only occurs on this axes. You should only need extra room in this direction. Vectors have to remain in the work area and don’t require over scan…

Since it being Chinese, it’s probably the full 600mm.

I think you could make this work but it would be very close.

Would you be happy doing 3 items instead of 6?

If you wish to cut 6 of these, does that include cutting them out?

I’d decide if it’s worth the gamble to be that close to the edge of the work area and find you’re a couple of mm shy of what you need… compared to cost of larger work area or doing 3 at a time…

Good luck