Maybe i found a bug in FB

If I use the function Kerf offset than the laser is cutting first the origial line and then it go’s for the second time to do the cutting for the offset.

It sounds wrong, the kerf settings do not give an extra “turn”, it is only to compensate for the diameter of the laser beam. For a tight plug connection I use e.g. 0.075mm in Kerf offset.

Yes, that is wath i aspect. But it is cutting 2 times!

try to make a small file with the problem and send it up here, maybe we can find something

Sorry, my mistake!! I checked the file again and saw that there was an offset line in the drawing!! So, the kerf offset is working correct!!

Sorry again that i wasted some time for notting!! :hot_face:

no problem at all, nice you found out and that you report back :+1:

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