Measure Function?

Is there any plans for a measure function? would be nice just to measure instead of drawing a line.

Sorry, but what is the difference? Is it not about the same number of steps? I pick the ‘Draw Lines’ tool, point to the start of my measurement and click, then move to the end of what I am measuring and read the results at the bottom of the screen. I don’t see how that becomes more/better by making a different thing to select that does the same thing.

I really want to understand this, so please share your thoughts.

I guess in am used to the dimension function in coral draw. Nice to be able to draw up a mechanical drawing and dimension it for customer approval, thats all.

That’s not the same thing, though it’s something we’ve planned on doing.

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I guess it would be a handy function for me. From my old laser software this has turned it into a new machine :slight_smile:

No question, it’s just that I’m an engineer and I tend to be really literal - If you say you want a measuring function that’s what I think you mean. If you say you want to label dimensions in your file, that’s different, which is why we ask for clarification.

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I guess I was wondering about labeling dimensions, put them on different layer so if you sent the file it would be all on the file but only laser the cut layer.

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I have a much better understanding of what you are after now. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I have added this to our Feature Request site and provide its link below. Now anyone can sign up and add their vote.

Thank you Rick. I am a hobbyist cnc guy so I dont know how to explain exactly what I am asking.

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For me would be this function also very helpfull.

For example I had yesterday the case I would to be cut parts in playwood that would be assembled together. Here is the thickness of the wood and the cuts width important to fits togehter. So I scaled the dxf file as long in Lightburn and draw always a line between the cutout to check if the cutout width enough to fits with the wood. Here it would be a great think to measure for example between to points. Because this is also with lines only possible in the moment if you want to “measure” horizontal/vertical.

I think this was, what Dave also mean?

You can already measure with the line tool. Draw a line, of any length, at any angle, and it will snap to existing points. Before you complete the line, you read the length, and the horizontal and vertical lengths from the status bar, like this:


When you have your reading, just hit Esc or right-click to cancel the line, with no change made to your design.

What Dave wants is a dimension tool, that would show the length between two points as text, and could be screen captured or shown to clients.


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