Measurement Tool Suggestions

I like the idea of a bespoke Measurement Tool, but I don’t find the first implementation particularly user-friendly. Every time I use it I have to study the box to locate the information I want. This may sound unkind but, it seems it was designed by a software engineer rather than a graphics designer. I have never needed the Nodes, Lines & Curves counts, or any of the XY co-ordinates. I just want to know how big something is (particularly radiuses & diameters of circles and arcs, which I know you know don’t work most of the time) or how far apart two things are. Because of this ‘additional information’ the Measurement box is bigger than it needs to be, so I’m always having to move it out of the way.
Is it possible to have a smaller box, with just the important measurement info in it and relegate the additional stuff to a second tab, or box #2, or some other way of de-cluttering?
Thanks for a great product by the way.

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