Measurements keep changing

I am a very new beginner! My question is … why do my measurements keep changing. I’m following the unlock, set height and width, lock procedure but as soon as I get back to my drawing, the measurements have changed.

If we’re talking about the same lock near the X & Y dimensions. The Lock only locks the aspect ratio (the relationship of X to Y). Feel free to share a file or walk me through what you’re working on.

I found by experimenting with the x & Y dimensions that by opening the lock, manually change the numbers, press enter, close lock … the numbers remain. Is that how it’s done or is there another way. My apologies … but I’m very new to this, having had the laser for about 4 weeks

That lock, locks aspect ratio. If it is set when you change one number, the other will change so the shapes are proportional still.

These toggles at the bottom are selective locks. Size will make it so you cannot change either dimension, but still move the shape.

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