Menu, scaling drawing with percentage does not work

Hi everyone, some of you, it happened to want to scale a drawing with the percentage, and clicking on the icons up and down nothing happens, does not 100% scale or increase? Thanks
Lightburn version 1.0.4

If you are scaling at 100%, it won’t scale the image. It will remain the exact same size. To increase scale, key in a number larger than 100. To reduce scale, key in a number under 100.

ok perfect and right what you say, the problem arises if I click up or down to the right of the box with the mouse, nothing happens, it scales the object but the percentage remains as shown in the image, it does not show me how much I am scaling. it worked before.

What you describe is something that other Lightburn users have asked for. You are right - if you key in a percentage scale other than 100, it will scale to that percentage, but always goes back to 100% in the scale box.

I believe this is working as it should. When you increase/decrease using the arrows the resulting size is actually the ‘new’ 100%. I often use 125% when scaling up when going from 3… ply to 4mm ply. The new size is now the 100%.

With the old versions the percentage on the screen increased and decreased with the UP and DOWN keys

Hello, i’m trying 1.0.04 version of lightburn.
I have a .svg file that is composed by 3 or more shape. I have to ungroup them, repositioning, scaling every single shape. When I edit the size by percentage over and over, the percentage still show 100%, so I don’t know the overall reduction of my shape. Also if I rotate a design, the edit box always show 0.00. I’d like to view percentage and orientation relative to the imported file.

This is a bit of a hack. I created an “XY” object that is on the T2 layer. Two different files and they are in metric. One uses 1mm lines, and the other uses 100mm lines.

Before scaling and rotating, import either the 1mm or 100mm shape, depending on how large your shapes are. Place the XY shape somewhere on the inside of the shape to be scaled/rotated. Then group the XY shape with the shape to be scaled/rotated.

Now scale and rotate until you are satisfied. When you use the measure tool, select the “x” and “y” lines, and look at their result in the measure tool window.

Rotation_Scale_Test.lbrn (27.2 KB)
XY_100.lbrn (8.7 KB)
XY_1.lbrn (8.5 KB)

Hello news about this program operation error. will it be fixed with version 1.0.5? Thanks

What specific behavior are you expecting?

Right now the scaling works like an operation. You enter your number and the object takes on the new dimensions at 100%. Any additional operation works from the new dimensions, not the original dimensions of the object.

Similarly, each press of the up or down buttons increments/decrements the size by what looks like 1% and changes it instantly. The new dimensions become the new 100%. It doesn’t wait for you to move away from the scale tool. If you’re not aware, you can type in a value into the input field to scale by an arbitrary amount (without using up/down).

Are you expecting the operation to not transform the object until after you’ve moved away from the tool while increasing the value shown in the input field? Or are you expecting LightBurn to retain state of the original dimensions? So that even after the image is scaled that it always shows that the object is let’s say 130% of its “original” size?

Either way, I think both of these would be a feature request change to the team. The latter would be a fundamental change to how objects are treated. I suspect the current behavior is as designed.