Merging Material Libraries

Awhile back, when I was not too familiar with Lightburn I had a material library which I thought I’d lost after an update, so I started a new library. Well, as things go, I found the old one and would like to combine/merge the two. I can’t find an easy way of doing it. Someone said to save the individual materials, but I can only find out how to save the whole library. It appears to be some form of XML file. Does anyone know how to merge two libraries. The only way I can think of is to open library 1, assign a material to a layer, open library 2 and save from the layer.

LightBurn does not currently provide a tool to merge library files. These are XML files, so you could use an external editor to potentially do this file merge. Make backups, not too difficult, if this is something you are comfortable with. :wink:

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