Merging text to a draw

Hello guys
Any idea how to merge a text to a draw like this infinity

I think there’s probably lots of ways to get that done.
What I would do is open Inkscape and use the bezier tool to draw the infinity symbol, then I’d position my text on top of it.

Next I’d do a little editing with the node tool to delete the bits of infinity that are behind the letters. Then I’d select my symbol and text and use Path -> Union to weld the text and symbol together. Should be an easy enough job.

What I want to know is what’s going to happen on 2028.11.26 ?

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LightBurn is currently running internal testing of the ‘Apply Path to Text’ feature which will make this possible within LightBurn. Until this is released, using an external editor as @Hank suggests would be the easiest way to reproduce this concept.

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