Message "Outrange, whether to continue"

I just installed a new controller the LightObject A20, which was identified as the Top Wisdom controller by Lightburn. That’s fine. I’m having trouble getting to my first laser cuts, though. I keep getting the message on the controller, “Outrange, whether to continue?”. Any ideas on how which settings are in conflict here? I have setup the size of the laser workspace in the software to 20 x 12. The origin is Left, Rear. Thanks, mark

What ‘Start From’ setting are you using?

I tried all three “start from” options and got the same error message of “Outrange, whether to continue?”
The machine jogs in all the right directions using the “Move” panel and returns to the machine origin when that software button is selected.

Did you install the controller yourself? Have you set all the vendor settings necessary, like the X & Y travel lengths in the controller itself?

Yes, I’m afraid I did install it myself. I thought I had input the right information. I’ll dig into this more tomorrow. Thanks for your suggestions so far. Mark

Hello, the other day we were working on the “outrange” issue. I went back to the autolaser software that came with the TopWisdom controller and got everything working there. I think it might have been the “um” settings that was the issue with the outrange.
Now with Lightburn, the TopWisdom device is found as you can see from the screen grab. The “Frame” box works fine on the Lightburn laser control panel, but when I press the Lightburn “start” button nothing happens and the Laser head just stays inactive. Thanks for your help so far. Mark

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