Metal Tube Conversion

Does anyone know if conversion to a Metal tube is ::
Compatible with Ruida?
Compatible with Glass Tube Power Supply?

My beam is becoming not so beam like so it’s time for a replacement I think.


Ruida will support RF excited lasers, with or without pre-ignite. I haven’t done this myself, so I can’t say much about how hard it would be to convert.and I suspect the power supplies are quite different. At least one of the manufacturers we work with (Aeon) offers RF tubes in some of their machines.

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Thanks Oz. Tired of the shipping saga from China. One tube came broken. Another time Twice!

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I found this today. It may interest you:

High Performance CO2 Lasers
Expand process flexibility and reduce operating costs with sealed all metal tube, RF excited CO₂ lasers

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Thanks. Called for a quote…wait for it…FIFTEEN GRAND!!!

I like my glass tubes more all of a sudden. Might try a used metal tube setup. I’ll check eBay

I’ve never tried one of these, but they look interesting:

I’ve been tempted to get one just to mess with it, but $2300 is pretty steep for something I don’t actually need.

I’m finding the same sticker shock myself. I was recently window shopping for a 200 to 400w RF laser… I completely understand the economic logic now behind the glass tube alternative.

I’ll stick with my Reci W6 150w tube. I’d rather buy 20 of these than one RF laser.

I mean… think about it:

If I wanted 300 watts, I could just run two of these tubes and still be WAY ahead even if it meant +1 more of tube, chiller, laser PSU, and slightly higher end / complex optics.

But honestly, for now, with the combination of my 150w 3’ x 2’ and 4’ x 8’ CNC Router, I’m good with what I have.

There you go! Dump the RF laser idea, replace your tired glass tube with another glass tube (go with Reci), and with all the money you save, buy yourself a CNC router.

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Apparently the spot size is better and there is a quicker response time to get the desired voltage at the desired time. So better engraving. When I asked about spot size the rep said the lower wattage metal tubes had greater beam divergence but he wasn’t sure why.

Tube are good for cutting in continuous mode. RF has slightly rougher edges when cutting. Smaller wattage glass has better response and spot size than larger tubes.

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Not a bad price. I don’t really understand fiber lasers but they seem limited. Is it a beam steering mirror that moves the laser beam?

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