Mi laptop no detecta el USB de la maquina

Mi laptop no detecta el USB de mi maquina Aufero Láser 2 y cuando quiero cortar dice en la consola aparece CODIGO G BLOQUEADO DURANTE EL ESTADO DE ALARMA O JOP.
Ya conecte el COM9 y en la consola dice Target buffer size found

No se que hacer, ya instale y desinstale el programa descargue algunas cosas como viene en los tutoriales pero no funciona.

Espero me puedan apoyar.

It sounds like you are able to connect, but are blocked from running a job by an alarm state.

The Aufero 2 has a firmware setting that causes it to start in an alarm state after a “cold reset”, which could be causing your issue.

In your Console window, before running a job, try entering ‘$X’ to unlock it, and $64=0 to turn off this firmware setting.

If that doesn’t help, please send a screenshot of or copy and paste the entire output you see in your Console window when you try to run a job and see the Alarm message - we may be able to see an error or alarm number that will give us more information.

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