Microsoft Pro - USB Port Not Seeing Laser

For 2 years I have used my Microsoft Pro without any issues. Last weekend, out of nowhere, the laser would no longer respond to commands from the Microsoft Pro. When connected to my laser the computer “dings” like it always did, signifying that the computer sees the laser (or something plugged in). However when I hit “frame” or “Play” nothing happens. Once, I got it to frame, but after that it would not run the file. When this happened I decided to bypass the USB plug and get a new plug and plug that into the board inside the laser. Still nothing with the Microsoft Pro, however my wifes HP computer works just fine on the laser. The USB port on my Pro still works, I can still use a flash drive. The computer only has one USB port on it.

I have; Deleted and reinstalled LB. Tried different cables. Checked for updates on my drivers.

What am I missing? Just out of nowhere, boom, nothing…

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