Mini Gerbil horizontal banding with fill

I’ve been messing around with ceramic tile lately and have done a few dithered images that seem to come out fine but when I started doing fills I noticed this banding problem. Hoping someone can suggest some guidance to this. I’m using Mini Gerbil with firmware 1.1f. I’m running this at 25% power S Value max at 1000 and $30 at 1000 speed of 4000mm/m and I’ve looked at the gcode and it seems right to me all S values are either S0 or S250. But while watching the ammeter it looks like the output is decreasing at times, but the meter is hard to read when it goes over the lettering as it’s turning the laser on and off so bouncing the ammeter needle.

I did notice the other day some vertical lines and thought maybe it was the pwm frequency so I adjusted $28 to a slower frequency but that didn’t seem to only change the frequency it actually seemed to change the duty cycle as the power output was much lower so ended up going back to default and sent an email off to Paul at awesome tech and awaiting a response. At this point I’m beginning to think I have a fault in the board so hoping someone can offer some guidance on other possible solutions.

The things I’ve done so far was verify the gerbil settings. Cleaned & focused lens / mirrors, tried different line intervals, tried different files created with Lightburn, tightened or re-seated all wiring connections. Thanks in advance.

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