Mini-GRBL 2 install

Hi everyone. I cut my teeth on my 3w diode laser about a year ago. As most of you probably can relate to, that wasn’t going to cut it (no pun intended).In March I ordered a K40 along with all the mods I wanted to do.

  1. mA (digital display on the one I ordered)
  2. new Potentiometer
  3. Water flow meter
  4. new temperature displays (one went bad)
  5. Lab jack to replace the crappy table.
  6. Mini-GRBL.

I have the PSU that is type 2 (only one set of green connectors, everything else is the plugs). I tried connecting it back in April and could never get it to install properly, so I went back to the stock board and K40 Whisperer and things were going ok.

Recently, I have run into issues that no matter what percentage I pick, it doesn’t affect the output. I don’t want to run the laser in fear that it is 100% and will burn the tube. I have a registered copy of LB from when I was using my Diode (still have 2 months left on the subscription).

I posted my issue on another forum and the one guy that helped me is AMAZING. We think it is either the stock board or the digital display while displaying things, doesn’t change the %.

With all that said, I am going to do all my mods (mA, Potentiometer, Water flow meter) this week along with installing the Mini-GRBL 2…

My question is:

  1. What do I need to look out for?
  2. Are there drivers for the Mini-GRBL 2
  3. If I was to change PSU’s, is it a pretty easy swap, and is there a benefit of doing that? I can still engrave, so I don’t think it is the PSU, but maybe doing a swap would make it easier.

Thanks in advance!

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