Mini GRBL with HM rotary

I have a K40 with A GRBL controller and a HM Rotary Having Problems when I plug in the Rotary Getting A error 9 on or at line 0 and Can’t Get it to work… Need Help Please

Error 9 is a lockout that sometimes happens if the controller is powered up with a limit switch already triggered, or failing. Did you plug the rotary into the Y axis, but have homing enabled on startup? That would fail.

got it thanks now is there a setting to get the laser to overlap or burn closer to clear all material ??

It’s called “interval” - it’s the distance between scanned lines, and it defaults to 0.1mm. Lower that to 0.075 to 0.05 (about 375 lines per inch up to 500). The setting is shown below the cut list, if you have “fill” mode set on the selected layer.

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