Minimum Line width Detection

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Anyone have an tricks for line width detection?
When vector lines are too thin/close (especially vertical lines) they come out poor or not at all when scanning. Such as Fonts and Artwork.

My “trick/tool” is to pan back in LB and see how clear it looks panned out to get an idea if it’s going to scan well but it’s nothing super reliable so I have to test run over and over till I have the vector edited to run well. A tool that would point/highlight each instance what be awesome!
With LB being so powerful - be really nice if there was some logical way to detect (through a manually set thresh-hold value) by highlighting the line or vectors that are found to be too thin/close.

Does LB allow scripts/plugin from users?
(Like Gibbs CAM, Vectric and many other CNC software does)

Please provide an illustration of what this means, as it could be interpreted several ways. An image will help us “see” what you are asking about. Show us the undesired result as well, please. :slight_smile:

Not at this time, although it has been discussed extensively internally, but do not have any plans or timelines to publicly announce. You can add support for these capabilities by visiting our Feature Suggestion site here: Vote Feature Site - Plugin Architecture (search results) :slight_smile:

Another way to think of it…
(talking strictly vectors)

With a 2.5" lens the smallest “dot” or kerf I can possibly achieve is 5 thou (0.005)
Any two lines with a width between them smaller than this is unlikely to burn or to come out over sized.
In addition a setting for any gap (white space) under a certain size is likely to not show up due it’s size.

Right now I am tasked constantly with adjusting line widths to get the results I need.
(customer provided logos etc)

I understand LB can’t do it all but would be a heck of a useful tool no other program has.

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