Minor Bug: On preview window, not able to hit "Enter" to save

Dear Team, as a fan of shortcuts, this is a tiny bit annoying. (Makeing customizable hotheys would be awesome !)

  • Create random stuff
  • CTRL+P (Preview)
    In the preview window the, “Save” button is high-lighted, expecting to hit enter-key to “Save” but nothing happens.

When usin TAB-key to tab through the function follows a irregular pattern?
Save Image -> Invert -> Save Image -> OK -> Save Image -> Show Traversal Moves -> Shade According to Power -> Play -> Save Image -> …

The ‘Enter’ thing is because dialog boxes have a default button (in this case, the Ok button) and that’s the button that is pressed for you when you hit Enter. Pressing the Space bar will trigger the currently highlighted button.

I’ve fixed the tab order in there.

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