Mira 7 settings for metalic gold/silver lasermax from rowmark

I am having a lot of trouble with the metalic silver and gold lasermax material on my mira 7 laser. I have tried several different recommended settings and still have small dots or air bubbles appearing on the material when engraved. Have tried leaving the film on and taking it off, also tried soap and water. Any help appreciated.

Might need to elaborate on what you are engraving.

Think about what’s happening with the material when it’s lased, vaporzise, melt, combination. Then add in air assist…

Are you running air assist?

What pressure?

I find acrylic is generally done best with low air pressure from my experiences. I think paritally because some of the acrylic is actually melted and not vaporized. Settings can be touchy.

Vector cuts will be different than an image, what are you attempting?

There is a ‘materials test’ in the ‘laser tools’, I think it’s in 1.1.01 version. That may be helpful if applicable.


Thanks Jack, I didn’t think to do the test on the acrylic. I have done it on mdf and timber materials, so i will run it on the acrylic as well. the material is a microsurfaced impact acrylic, rowmark lasermax. I mainly use it for plaques and name badges. I have since tried masking the material and that did work, so if worst comes to worst, i will keep masking when using this material.
Thank you for your help.