MIra 9 factory LightBurn Camera

Hello Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I bought a nmira 9. I’m trying to get the camera setup. which after reading allot and watching videos seems easy. However I am able to select mine from the drop down. But no video shows up. Ruida , Hp Laptop , windows 10, 64 bit , usb connected, tired UVC file. No video shows up. Been trying for a couple days.
Thank you

Do you run anti-virus software? Check that LightBurn is allowed to access the camera - there are security settings in Windows itself that can cause this, and some anti-virus software will prevent camera access as well.

Yes sir I have checked all that. I did a lot of research, And tried as much as I could find before posting.

Go to Edit > Settings, and at the bottom, change the ‘Camera Capture System’ from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’. This is based on older tech, is a little slower, but more compatible with a wider range of systems. Let me know if that works.

Hi OZ thank you for the reply! I am not sure where to go when you say edit setting. I have gone onto privacy and allowed everything to be accessible, Checked all setting to make there were no conflicts of interest.

Its ok, but literally select the ‘Edit’ menu and then ‘Settings’. :wink: Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation


The Settings window in LightBurn controls global user preferences for LightBurn. There are quite a few settings, so we’ve split it into two pages

Hi So I looked there 3 or 4 times to make sure there was no camera setting I was missing. Overwhelmed with the new machine and didn’t even see it in plain site.! Sorry. Also it was on custom as default. I changed it to default and restarted lightburn . Bammmmm its working perfectly!
Thank you so much.

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