Mirror alignment

i am trying to get my mirrors aligned but having some weird problem .
when laser is pulsed and beam hits second mirror in two spots around 4mm apart. the difference is
when mirror is in top left and bottom left. adjusting one to the left and other one to the right it makes no difference. when i try all corners on 3rd mirror i get 4 different spots that counter on all adjustments.
this are around 4mm apart for all corners. the left side of table gets very good burns while right side will hardly have burns and that is with machine turned up to very high settings like 90-100 percent. i am at my wits end.
anymore info or pics i can send. or any more info.
please heeeeelp

I had major mirror problems and finally went this route with this tool.
Once i got the tool and reversed aligned my mirrors all i had to do was fine tune the mirrors.
I was at wits ends i just couldn’t get it figured out it showed me that my nozzle end was facing outward I readjusted my nozzle end that connects to the linear bearing and everything was right.

HAVE ANY OF YOU GUYS USED THIS TOOL.https://american-photonics.myshopify.com/products/k40-reverse-laser-alignment-nut

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