Mirror image problems


Ive tried changing the device settings origin every way, it never changes its still mirrored, it will change in the software but when my machine try’s to laser it out its always mirrored, I tried this using RD works it was mirrored at first I look up a few settings on the internet and got it working right in RD works but still no luck with Lightburn. I know this is a common issue, but Ive searched the forum tried a few things to no avail. Any help would be appreciated

thank you

There are only four possible settings for the device origin, and all they do is mirror the output. When you power up your machine, which corner does it seek out? That’s the corner you should choose for the device origin.

Is it mirrored on the machine display, or the actual cut?

It was mirrored at the actual cut, I could get it right in the software, it may have to do with my camera set up as well, in any case I got it to work right after I posted this, I had to close the lightburn app then reopen it, then it worked. I think I have to recalibrate my camera again I’m going to do that tomorrow, thank you for taking the time to answer my post.

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