Mirror in line on Mac

I have been struggling to get mirror in line wprking on my mac (1.1.01 - running catalina 10.15.7). Last night I sat down next to a friend on a windows PC, using exactly the same actions he managed to get mirror to behave exactly as we both expected, mine simply refused to highlight the icon for use (or the menu bar entry). Is this a bug, or is there some strange incantation neededfor mac use??

If you drag the starting point of the line a little, you’ll end up with a curve, not a straight line. The mirror across line function only works if the line is straight, not a curve.

OK, so is there a reason why the windows system always seems to get straight lines nut the mac might be getting invisible curves ?

If you’re using a trackpad, it might be harder to ‘Click’ the start of a line without also dragging it a little - that’s my best guess. Let me know if that’s what is happening, and we can look at making the click/drag tolerance a bit higher.

Thanks. You may well be right. The windows machine had a mouse, not a trackpad. I was holding the shift key down though so assumed that woukd force a straight line, but maybe not. Ill get a mouse out and report back! I can also play with the trackpad settings locally. Is there an easy way to draw a line between two points?

Yes, hover the cursor over the first point until the cursor changes to a small + or x - that tells you it’s going to snap to a point or intersection. Single-click there, then move the mouse to the next point and do the same.

Thanks. Pretty certain that was the root problem - its drawing straight lines thats the issue not the mirror. You can close this if you wish, but really appreciate the very swift and clear help!!

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