Mirrored image when burning

I’m trying to burn a name. But when it actually burns its coming out mirrored. Do you have any suggestions 20190531_100936|666x500

Hi Angela,

The image didn’t post - is the image mirrored top to bottom, or left to right? If you go to “Device Settings” in the upper left is a setting called “Origin” with 4 dots, one for each corner. Pick the corner opposite the current one in the direction things are mirrored.

So, for example, if your output is mirrored vertically, and your origin is currently on the bottom, move it to the top.

i wasn’t alallowed to post more than one pic, this is how it turns out, i have my controller facing me, and i have the orgin set to go upper left, your reply is so confusing, sorry but hard for me to understand,

image i

n lightburn

I have updated your profile to allow you to post more pictures. :slight_smile:

Looks like you have the origins (both job and machine) set in LightBurn to the lower left as identified by the red and green squares at the bottom left of your work space.

From what I see, open the ‘Device Settings’ window image and change the machine ‘Origin’ from this image to this image. You can “see” how the job will run by selecting the ‘Preview’ (ALT-P or Monitor looking icon on the top toolbar).

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i will try that soon thanks so much

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