Mirrored workspace

hi , im having a problem, any design i import , it turn to be mirror and the x and y axis seem to be inverse, please someone help, thks

I don’t know how to do this in LightBurn. But this can be fixed with RDworks. If you have a Ruida controller. Go to the vendor settings in the file menu. The password is RD8888. Read settings. You need “Dir polarity” for the axis on which it mirrors. Positive or negative. Remember to write the changes to the controller

i do have ruida, but i cant used my machine with windows, as im having problem with usb interface, but i manage to make it work with Mac, thanks for your advice, i will try your tips in a moments, many thanks

If I were you, I would use Ethernet. There are too many problems with USB.

I would not do that unless you are comfortable changing the configuration of your hardware. This is not the issue you are seeing.

Where do you have the Device Origin set in LightBurn, Device Settings page? Ruida systems are normally set to the rear-right.

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