Mirroring HELP!

Hi All! I’n new here and excited about this forum! I just started using lightburn today. I need help, and I know it’s probably an easy fix, but I can’t figure out what is wrong.
I was using RDWorks, and just now switched to lightburn. Here’s my problem. My file looks normal on the computer and on the controller before doing a job. However when the project actually burns it is mirrored horizontally. This happened in both RDworks and Lightburn. Is it safe to assume we messed with some settings on the controller?

Changing origin in lightburn did not fix the problem.

The origin option in LightBurn is a mirror tool - that’s all it does. What likely happened is that you changed the origin option, which mirrored the file, and then you didn’t un-mirror it before sending to the laser.

My default origin:

After flipping the origin:

Note if I sent the job to the laser now, it would burn exactly the same. However, if I flip the items to be visually correct again with the updated origin, like this:


… now it would be mirrored when I run it on the laser.

You might also need to mirror the display on the controller.

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Thank you for helping! I did play around with the origin and was able to fix the problem in lightburn

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