Misaligned layer issue

Looking for advice please… randomly, it appears my layers are out of sync… it’s as if they’re starting in a different place… it happens with either cutting or engraving.
I generally set my engraving layer to run first, and then the cut layer… but it’s as if the two layers are using two start points?

Chinese blue & white 130w
Ruida RDC6442SB
Drawing in Vcarve

This machine is a workhorse, been running perfectly for a couple of years, and this is a random development.
The files are perfectly fine, I can cut the same files with no issues on my other machines…
The material is pinned and can’t move…

the photos best describe what’s happening. Any help greatly appreciated

Are you using ‘cut selected graphics’ with ‘use selection origin’ enabled?


I’m not 100% sure… I’m at work at the moment… I’ll have to post a photo of my settings later

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