Missing choice in drop down menu for action choice

I’m new and trying to program my first job. I have everything but the last step off cutting out the project. I don’t have the choice of “cut” in my drop down choice. I have: Fill, line, Fill & line and Offset/fill. None of these allow me to cut. When I look under my “tool” task icon I have the choice of " Cut Shapes" listed but I cannot choose it. I’m obviously missing a setting somewhere. I have a 100W CO2 w/ Trocen controller.

You want to use “Line” and set power and number of passes to be high enough and slow enough to cut.


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There is really no difference to the laser between engraving a line and cutting a line, except power for the specific material.

If you can cut 1mm deep into an 2mm acrylic part, that same setting will cut through a 1mm thick part…

So it’s just terminology.

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Thank you very much!!!

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