Missing Cut Lines in Final Projects

Hi there,
I’ve been using Lightburn for some time with no issues until I got a new laser machine. Now, every time a send a job to this new laser, its missing some of my cuts. It’s not that it just didn’t cut all the way through the material, it just completely did not see that there was a cut line. This is random too. It may happen to a specific box this time but the next time I run the same job, it will miss other lines. I have to look at the job before removing from the laser and find the missing lines. Then draw a new line and then rerun the jod for just those lines. I’m running the latest version Lightburn on Windows 11 and saved the files as a RD Files to a USB Drive. I’ve also ran the latest version of Lightburn on a Win 10 machine directly connected to the laser machine and get the same results. In my example, all the Black lines on top of the green layer are the lines that the Laser Machine just skipped over. I re-drew those lines in the Black layer just to finish the project.
Zip Loc Storage.lbrn (63.2 KB)

Is this a Lightburn issue or a Ruida controller issue?

how are you sending your files? if you’re using USB you may find it is marginal and that Ethernet is preferable.

I’ll give that a try. My old laser setup was connected via the network but that was before everything went up in flames in the Caldor wildfire. I’ll try and setup a WiFi access point that the laser can plug into and give that a try. Thanks!

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