Missing expand arrow on positioning menu

Nothing major, but noticed that the positioning menu expand arrow does not appear on my laptop connected to the laser. It is working on my offline laptop version. Both are on V9.06. The working Laptop is Win 10 64 bit, and the non working one is win 8 32 bit. I have tried different screen resolutions on the non working Laptop, but the arrow still doesn’t appear. The functions are still available under the tool bar “arrange” menu.



Is the above a screenshot from Win8? (because I can see the arrow there). The setup for this button is not OS specific, and the corner graphic is set, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work on Win8.

Hi Oz, no , this is from the working win 10 laptop. It is a very small 12" screen so I’ll try it on a larger monitor at different resolutions and see if it appears.

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