Missing lines when rendering

I have noted some lines are missing. I was able to do an example for you testing and attach the file
t.lbrn2 (9.2 KB)

The figure came from the font that’s not installed on my machine:

It is reversed from your layout because my CO₂ laser has its machine origin in the opposite corner.

Converting it into a path and zooming in on the central bar shows overlapping path:

Moving two nodes separates the overlapping path:

So I think the basic problem comes from a malformed font that produces paths confusing LightBurn’s processing.

Although you could manually correct a single letter, choosing a different font should produce better results.


I know it can be fixed, but I have been founding missing lines in my projects, and this was the faster / simpler way to show it to you.

On previous versions it did work.

If you load it in 1.5.6 it works, so something has changed and it broke also some of my old projects, most of the times in an unnoticed way.

We can only examine what you show us, because that’s all we know about your situation.

Although I do not have any inside information, perhaps LightBurn has become more stringent in how it handles the geometry. A software change to improve how it processes properly formed shapes may damage incorrect shapes; it’s extremely difficult to test for that, because the damage depends on the errors.

In other words, the problems you’re seeing may be collateral damage due to improvements in handling properly formed geometry. The only resolution may be fixing the shapes so they do not have errors producing weird results.

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Or perhaps it is a bug :man_shrugging:t3:

With overlapping line sections, I would agree, but not in Lightburn.

This has been found and fixed already - we’ll have a patch out shortly. If you drop back to 1.6.00 it should also behave correctly.