Mistake in reset zero point

I was trying to re set the zero point on my CO2 laser, generic Chinese 24x36”
newer RUIDA controller.

When I entered into the “get position” area different x/y number for the bottom rhs of bed it came to that spot but when framing the job an error or question comes up, may be outside of bed area.
The head goes all the way to the top area and tries to framefrom there.

I went in and reset the numbers to zero, restarted the laser and still same result.

Help thankyou

When you get an message like this from Lightburn … it’s a warning that the way you have things configured it detects a problem.

It might be such that you are in absolute coordinate mode and your artwork isn’t within the known work area…

You will have to give us a screen shot of the artwork and your laser window.

Do you save it or send it from the pc?

Might want to update your profile to include the co2 and Ruida. :wink:

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